Organic Wooden Teething Ring "Kookaburra"
organic baby teething ring wooden
organic teething ring beech wood
wooden teething ring
all-natural baby teething ring
hand made in australia ring

Organic Wooden Teething Ring "Kookaburra"


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  • Our teething rings provide something hard to chew on, for much-needed relief from sore gums
  • Made from 100% non-toxic, non-treated, all natural beech wood, it’s naturally antibacterial and a low allergy risk
  • Decorated with hand crocheted organic cotton, to provide something extra-tactile for the ever-curious teething baby
  • Safety compliant beech wood ring  (AS/NZS ISO 8124)
  • Hand crafted in Australia

When you’ve got a teething baby, you know that nothing is safe from that dribbly mouth! Teething rings provide safe relief from the teething blues, as your baby can chew on the hard beech wood rather than the nearest piece of plastic.

Our Kookaburra Teething Ring features an engraved version of the bird, along with text of its distinctive laugh – “koo koo koo koo, kaa kaa kaa”. Underneath you’ll find a beautiful hand crocheted detail in attractive colours , ensuring that the whole thing provides sensory stimulus for your baby, making it the perfect teething ring for little Aussies everywhere!

Australian born

The crochet on this teething ring is done by hand by one of our Aussie crafters. We work with people in the community who have a passion and skill for crafts, but aren’t your typical 9-5 employee. Whether they’re an octogenarian or stay-at-home mum, we give them the flexibility to do as much or as little as they want, whilst keeping the tradition of Aussie crafts well and truly alive.

Organic and Non- toxic materials

We use 100% organic cotton, which is hand dyed by artisians in Peru. The cotton is GOTS certified organic, and is ethically produced to match Fair Trade requirements. Toxin-free, our cotton is a natural fabric that is naturally perfect.

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